Kuplex Assemblies

KUPLEX® is readily available at East African Chains Limited both in parts as well as assembled chain-slings. Working from stocks of chain and components, it takes minutes to assemble a sling precisely in accordance with the needs of the user.

Kuplex components incorporate a clevis and oval load pin secured by means of retaining pins. In each case, the end link of the chain is inserted in the clevis, the oval load pin is inserted into the jaws of the clevis with the grooves aligned with the retaining pin holes and the retaining pins driven home.

KUPLEX® 8+10™ is a unique dual grade chain sling system. Advanced technical design, with precise material and heat treatment selection, has enhanced the high wear and fatigue properties for which KUPLEX is renowned throughout the world.

For the first time KUPLEX 8+10 dual rated components can now be combined with either KUPLEX Grade 8 or Grade 10 chain for the most versatile system ever produced. A full range of components is available from 6mm up to 32mm allowing a wide variety of slings to be supplied with load ratings up to 85 tonnes.

The working load limits (WLL) listed in the table below are the maximum weights which slings are designed to carry in general lifting service according to the standard uniform load method of rating.

In exceptionally hazardous conditions or in any other circumstances which might indicate a need for a WLL lower than the designed figure, the degree of hazard should be assessed by a competent person and the working load limit adjusted accordingly. The WLL, which should be marked on the sling itself, or on a securely fixed metal tag, must not be exceeded in any circumstances.

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