Chain Drives

Roller Chain technology has evolved over the centuries, with new design features and production processes, Fenner® standard and Fenner PLUS chain is a product of these advances.

Fenner Plus Chains

Fenner PLUS chain builds on the heritage and engineering experience of the existing
Fenner product range by optimising the benefits of several performance enhancing
features which work together to give Fenner PLUS chain the optimum combination
of tensile strength, wear resistance and fatigue life. When combined with Fenner
PLUS hardened tooth sprockets, this combination ensures high torque transmission
capability over an extended working life.
  • Enhanced performance in hostile environments
  • Solid rollers manufactured to achieve extremely high surface hardness ensuring high wear resistance
  • Shot peened plates for increased fatigue resistance and extended chain life
  • All Fenner PLUS chain plates are progressively punched to give excellent accuracy of both diameter and pitch
    Operates successfully with irregular lubrication
  • Special wax lubrication as standard
  • Case hardened bearing pins for wear and "stretch" resistance
  • EPX Easy Pin eXtraction feature for quick and simple installation
Standard Chain
Fenner Standard chain provides a cost effective solution for fit and forget reliability for everyday applications. Easy to fit and replace, our robust and long lasting chain consistently outperforms others time after time.
  • Shot peening of roller and side plates gives increased fatigue resistance
  • Ball swaged side plate holes improve finish and combat fatigue failure
  • Deep waisted side plates increase effective cross section lowering fatigue
  • Case hardened pins extend wear life
  • Solid rollers evenly distribute load and increase wear life
  • Seam orientated bushes ensure that seams are positioned away from critical bearing areas preloaded to bed-in all component parts
  • Comprehensive range of BS and ANSI chains available from stock
  • Stainless steel product available from stock
Attachment Chain

A full range of attachment chain available on short delivery times from stock components and base chains.
  • Comprehensive range of BS and ANSI chains available from stock
  • K & M attachments available for Fenner Standard and Fenner PLUS chains
  • Extended pin chains from stock parts
  • Special chains available

Leaf Chain

Various standards of lifting chains available to be cut from stock. Special protective coatings available for chains in aggresive, hostile environments.

  • BL, LL & AL series chains in stock
  • All lacing configurations supplied
  • Available in cut lengths or reels

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