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Gunnebo Chain Slings and Components-GrabiQ

GrabiQ - our all-inclusive chain sling system for coupling, shortening and lifting in Grade 10. Our GrabiQ sling system is designed to improve and make your lifting as quick and easy as possible. 
The components are made from special quenched and tempered alloy steel, a guarantee for very high strength, low weight, high wear resistance and long life.
All Lifting components are uniformly marked with equivalent chain size, grade, manufacture's designation and name for positive identification.

Chain KLA GrabiQ

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Chain sling 1-leg - MG1-EGKN

Chain sling 1-leg - MG1-GBK GrabiQ

Chain sling 1-leg - TG1-EGKN

C-grab duo CGD GrabiQ

Chain sling 2-leg - MG2-CL

Chain sling 2-leg - MG2-EGKN GrabiQ

Chain sling 2-leg - TG2-EGKN
Midgrab shortener MIG GrabiQ

Chain sling 3-leg - TG3-EGKN

Chain sling 3-leg - TG3-GBK GrabiQ

Master link MF GrabiQ

Coupling link G GrabiQ


GrabiQ FlexiLeg is a flexible chain sling solution with instant leg interchange, where one single master link and a combination of five legs replaces four slings, which is equal to ten legs with the traditional system (a 50% reduction!).

Master link MT GrabiQ

Chain sling 4-leg - TG4-EGKN

Safety hook OBK GrabiQ

FlexiLeg sling

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